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Need a tent ?
A good place to start might be where to buy used Canvas and kit this will give you some ideas of where to go for a bargain or something more obscure. There is also a used Canvas buyers checklist to think about when you think you have found your next piece of lovable Canvas

Got a tent that needs a little love
How to fix your Canvas tent offers a range of suggestions to fix your pride and joy and some ideas to help sort out that Ebay bargain that isnt quite so good as you had hoped. Once you have a lovely tent you will want to know more about taking care of your tent so there are some top tips there. And don't forget to take a look at the Hidden dangers of Bubble Mixture page too, just in case

Got a tent and your gonna use it
Camping with kids is a section in itself. There is also the complex question of tent pegs and all about coolboxes. You might also want to have a look at First Aid and other emergencies to see what spare kit you might need or what to think about in a camping emergency

Got some money burning a hole in your pocket?
There is also a series of articles about how you might choose to spend relatively small amounts of money to enhance your camping experience:
What could I get if I had £1 to spend (or less) ?
What could I get if I had £10 to spend ?
What could I get if I had £30 to spend ?
What could I get if I had £60 to spend ?
What could I get if I had a £100 to spend ?

Pointless rambling (this section might just grow and grow)
One theme you might pick up here and there on this website is a preference for straight poles, so there is an article to explore that very topic

Factual stuff

Commercial links to shops and services 

Less commercial links to forums, websites and the like

Links to Owners clubs

A Glossary of camping and tenting terms

Information about the various tent designs and styles

A table of 124 tent carpet sizes