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This section is for books relating to camping but very few books have a bias to Canvas camping, Classic tents and old fashioned camping - although some have some philosophical leanings that way and they are in the first column below. Mostly of the rest are more about Camping in general
Being a bit poor/tight (and eco friendly) we tend to get our books from our local library but since we dont know where your local library is we have put some Amazon links on this page instead

Factual books
The obvious one that does cover British camping is "First in the Field" by Hazel Constance which describes the first 100 years of the Camping and Caravanning club. Published in 2007 it should still be available from there
Cool Camping Kids
We like the philosphy behind the "cool" books range and the books are easy to navigate. If you are starting out camping with your family then there are lots of good ideas to be had in here - not just about sites to try but ideas to make family camping trips work well. As a campsite guide it is limited to 60 so it wont replace a proper resouce when it comes to tracking down sites but the ones listed seem to cover a wide range of bases. The other Cool Camping guides are well worth seeking out
Haynes camping manual
We got this (an early version) when we wanted to get our first proper tent set up and it is pretty useful if you are starting out. Lots of common sense but reassuring to know what you are doing if everything is new to you. If you already know your way round these things then it is probably a bit basic for your needs
The Art of Camping
Not out until Jul 2011 I think, it subtitles itself as "The history and practice of sleeping under the stars". Plan to have a look as soon as the local library get a copy in

Campsite Site guides
AA Camping and Caravanning Britain 2011
A big seller, updated annually and released around January each year. Over 1000 sites, inspected annually are included (rather them than me!) Only about £7 and handy to have in the glove box. We like this one as the ranking/scoring system works well and they seem to choose a good range of sites from budget to "how much!"
The Rough Guide to Camping in Britain
Latest edition released in March 2010, with over 300 top sites this book also has mini features on a number of aspects of camping like equipment, festivals etc. A little bigger than the AA guide it makes good use of this with some lovely photography
Time Out: Camping
It 'only' lists 100 sites but makes up for lack of quantity by going into plenty of depth about the campsite, local attractions, places to eat and drink etc. If you wanted to pick a site for your main holiday this is a good place to start
Alan Rogers Best Campsites in Britain and Ireland 2011
Clearly a big seller looking at the Amazon statistics but seems biased to the EHU camper and Caravanner (and we are a bit out of date for such luxuries). The European Alan Rogers books are good and some people love this, but for the UK we prefer the AA guide

A more personal take on Camping
The Tent the bucket and Me
Emma Kennedy offers a lovely bit of holiday reading for many a camper (who can relate to some of the dramas within). It also appeals to the non camper (who can then justify why they don't camp). Supposedly set in the 1970s but you probably won't really notice it is full of amusing observation and comment. Probably not the ideal book for a novice camper though, unless you want to put them off camping forever
Michelin I-spy Books
Our kids love the I-spy books, but Camping one is not the best in the series as it features sections on some curious things, like a fishing section, horse riding section and inside a caravan section. For what they cost (less than a kids magazine in WHSmiths) the other titles are well worth investigating though (and not just for kids I love my I-spy Classic Cars and I am 46)
The Camper Van Cookbook
Not just for Camper Vans this is a great book for ideas to make your camp cooking more interesting. One of the early reviewers even went on to describe it as "a bible to camping". 80 recipes, a foraging guide and a few other things besides

Some more we jhave yet to look at:
Original VW camper Cookbook by Rooker et al
Camping Cookbook by Bell
Cool Camping Cookbook Bear Grhylls
The Magic of Tents by Alejandro Bahamon (seems to be about fabric architecture though)

New tent Architecture by Philip Drew (another 'membrane structure' architects book)

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