Camping with kids

This section is clearly one of the most popular on the site and just seems to keep growing, so it is now split into a set of sub pages

In Equipment is the kit directly related to camping, the tent and living out of doors. There is nothing about tent choice as we assumed you know what you need or have borrowed something for your first trip. If you have no idea what sort of tent you want then please come back soon as we will be adding an article about that

In Other stuff are lots of ideas about what else will help to make the camping trip fun for everyone. If you are not seasoned campers then a lot of the stuff you need for your first trip will already be in the house somewhere

Where to go suggests some things to think about for the first few trips by which point you will have a pretty clear idea what works for you and your family. It doesnt have any specific site suggestions as those are readily found elsewhere. Most people really want their kids to enjoy camping and all that it brings, the first trips will be memorable for everyone so making some good informed choices is good way to get started

Camping can be an adventure for everyone but as parents we have to take responsibility for things so there are some suggestions for you might want to think about before things start to go wrong.

And finally a little section on the interesting question of how young / how old? and some ideas on how to cope with younger children

This is very much a work in progress, so if you have any tips to share please let us know and we will happily share them with everyone

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