Other things to think about

This section of camping with kids is about the other things you might want to think about or kit to pack that isnt covered in the camping equipment section. If you have a top tip or idea that you would like to add here please let us know and we can share it here

Probably the biggest learning for us (and many parents we gather) is to let the little ones decide on bed time (within reason). They are on holiday after all and they certainly won't go to bed happily at 7:30 if all their friends are out til 9:30. If that will stress you out just pour an extra big drink and leave them to it (most of the other parents probably will)

With toys you will know what they like (and we plan for lots of rain, so always take too many just in case), some of the best indoor things we take are cards/Uno, colouring, favourite books. Favourite outdoor stuff included frisbee/ball, bikes (obviously), waterpistols (sometimes) a dinghy (seriously, cheap as chips in Decathlon, play pirates, fill it with water for a pool etc). Our youngest has always enjoyed the little plastic golf set and Stomp Rockets if there is room. The eldest likes her cheap binoculars, magnifying glass and fishing net. Kites can be popular but finding a good place to fly can be awkward

We always take quite a few changes of clothes, at least 2 spare pairs of shoes, wellies, flipflops etc. It is amazing how many things will get mucky. On one long weekend we took more clothes than we probaby would for a week away and still ran out! It really rained but we played out anyhow. Good job the site had a washer and a drier!

Keep an eye on the weather too. Ideally you want nights that arent too cold, no rain and nothing more than light winds. Rain and wind need not put you off camping with kids but for the first couple of trips it does risk the camping not being a wholey positive experience. We viewed our first couple of trips less as 'us camping' and more about getting the kids to experience what great camping could be like for them

One thing we found helped more than we thought it would, was going with friends. We mostly wanted to camp to get to know our kids and spend quality time with them that just doesnt seem to happen at home. Maybe we are antisocial, but we had friends with kids who wanted to camp with us and it seemed rude to refuse (though we wanted to). But when we tried it a lot of stuff worked much better. There are extra adults around to share all the tent pitching and setting up, to share the cooking and chores, to take the kids away while you do what needs doing. Once kids reach a kind of 'critical mass' of about 4 they seem to be self sufficient for hours too only returning for food / drink or sometimes first aid

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