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Shops who have a nice old fashioned approach (in a good way) and/or an active interest in Canvas tents

We really like not the range of Towsure, but the staff are always helpful and they do a useful 'order online and collect for free from your local shop'
We like as they usually stock a very wide range of kit at good prices

Worth a visit to the Dutch language site first to see the range that is on offer, has an equivalent UK website but can generally only deliver items under 30kg (or items that do not have a pre-existing UK supplier, like Bell Tents)

One shop that is well worth knowing about is they are clearly fans of Cabanon Canvas and can often get hold of hard to get spares. They sometimes do a pretty good end of season clearance of Canvas tentage too

Another shop that has been there a while is a family firm who still supply BCT/Relum Canvas among other things

Another shop where the staff actually care about Canvas and sell a good variety is here Not a pretty website by modern standards but worth a look

Doing a good range of new and occasionally used Canvas, these chaps are also worth a look for your more traditional Canvas and r needs

In the UK a good first place to look for very traditional tentage is, Bradford Canvas and Tent still make (and sell direct) a range of traditional tents, not just for Scouts but other Canvas fans too.

A Canvas tent seller with some useful info too

If you want a more organic spin on things, and some great tent designs you might not find easily elsewhere in the UK then is worth a look. They do campfire tents, pyramids, a lovely tarp even a recycled tentage and a few other nice things besides

Got some money to spend or want something really special in Canvas then these guys these and these are worth a call


If you need to get a Canvas tent collected or delivered then one obvious place to look is Shiply but if people know of any other good courier/transport firms who can handle heavy items like tents do let us know

Fabrics, spares and repairs

A great place to go for tent fabrics, spares and repairs is where you can buy all manner of bits and pieces for your pride and joy

Bradford Canvas and Tent do repairs in the winter months but tend to be too busy in the summer months

Another place worth a look if it is just fabrics you are after is here,

If it is groundsheets or awning carpets then these guys are worth a call,

For all manner of spares then are a great place to start, they seem to be able to get almost anything

These folks in Bolton also sell fabrics, spares and do repairs specialise in Trailer Tents but knowledgeable about all manner of Canvas related stuff

Jacksons of Arley used to do repairs but recently revamped their website and it doesnt feature, worth getting in touch maybe

Don't ignore Ebay though if you know what you want it is probably on there somewhere

Poles and manufacturer specific items can be a little more of a challenge but some of the retailers above are worth a call. A lot of tent poles are standard sizes (like 19mm, 22mm etc) and often a pole meant for a Cabanon or Marechal can happily connect to a Relum or Lichfield.

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