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Unique, so it has to go first really Camping in my garden is a (slightly bonkers but) clever idea that came to life about the same time Joy of Canvas went online. We check it regularly and it is catching on. Quite event centric (check out some wierd and wonderful things to go camping to !) and that does add an extra level of interest

E-zines, Fora, personal websites and the like where Camping and Canvas is included in the topics:
This forum is friendly with a bias to tent camping too
And this forum is also jolly friendly (if occasionally irrerevent) and tent biased
Another forum worth a look, is part of Warner Publishing which covers a few magazines including Camping Magasine Forums
Primarily focussed on Open Canoes but with an active bunch of Canvas fans and a dedicated camping section
It seems amazing to me that you can go to Holland and find an English Language De Waard Forum. So if you hanker after an Albatros here is a good place to chat
There is also a pretty good French Forum here. Very helpful and friendly, the knowledge of Cabanon there is unsurpassed
Got to love the philosophy here, again a friendly forum and nice place to go
They sure love their festivals, and Canvas too. This is one e-zine worth a poke around (last time we looked in Late June 2012 this seemed to have gone, anyone know where please get in touch)
A website so many people seemed to know about (apart from us it seemed) ideal if you love Glamping and camp fires
Well, we may not agree with their ethics / bias / forum moderation but we like to think we are open minded enough to mention the UKCampsite forum, which still has some good contributors on it
Resource sites with interesting info (and maybe a hope you buy something)
A very informative site from some folks in the US who make historic tentage and clearly know a thing or two about it
Kit Reviews (occasionally with some classic kit coverage) etc

Now these chaps know how to do lively reviews Outdoor Gear Reviews. Nothing stuffy about the reviews here

Another useful place for reviews and stuff can be here
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