What can I get for £1 (or less)?

Ok, so you have almost nothing to spend on camping right now, what could you do to improve your camping experience ?

The obvious places to go look for stuff to buy is the Poundshop though B&M, Wilkinsons, Aldi/Lidl and the like aren't far behind (why not sign up for their bargains newsletter now?)

The other option might be jumble sales, car boot sales or charity shops, but a pound doesnt go far there these days. If you dont want to spend anything then the obvious place to look is around the house for items to adapt, to simply ask on Freecycle/Freegle or ask friends and relatives what they might want rid of - if its bulky and you can go collect it for them, then you never know what might come along

New Kit or ideas

It is amazing what you can get from Poundland and the like: LED torches and head torches, bunting, plastic plates/mugs/bowls, fleece blankets. How about a toolbag for your pegs and mallet ? Go look, you might be amazed

Pack your own pillows when you go and get a better nights sleep. If you are just starting out dont buy any sleeping bags at all use sheets, duvets, blankets and pillows from home

It is well worth looking around the house, garage and attic, you might be amazed what you have that can be adapted/used, things like:

  • washing up bowl, gloves and liquid - why bother to get a camp set ?
  • plates, bowls, mugs, cutlery, chopping board, cork screw etc - again why double up for occasional use
  • bedding, pillows, duvets etc (mentioned already I know but people worth repeating)
  • patio chairs or folding chairs - camping chairs are nice but you might have some interesting options at home already

Used Kit

You will probably be looking at jumble sales and car boots if you only have £1

Little stoves can be had for a quid, but make sure it is safe (eg at least a blue flame, no yellow) and can take modern canisters or you wont be able to use it

Old picnic blankets too can be had for not much and the waterproof backed ones can be very useful for lots of things, not just camping


There are a few stories of people being gifted lovely pieces of Canvas on Freecycle/Freegle, so it is certainly worth asking. A single pound is unlikely to get you much though so you are going to have to beg or ask nicely - dont forget friends and relatives, you will be amazed what comes out of the woodwork when you ask (but maybe not always pleasantly surprised . . .)

Other stuff

Dont bother with cool blocks for the cool box just freeze all the stuff you can (safely) and if there is space freeze some empty fizzy drink bottles 80% filled with water

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