What can I get for £10?


UFO LED light ? LED lights are very effective little fellas from what we are told, but the quality of the light can feel stark and sterile to some people. If you must have LEDs, what about some little solar powered lights to mark the guy lines or little solar powered dragonflies for a romantic touch. A more interesting alternative to a UFO light might be a hurricane (oil) lamp and some Citronella oil - a soft gentle light and bug repellant all in one - nice idea, nice light, nice smell (but not really that effective on the bugs)

If you find guylines are a problem at night then Glo-worms www.glo-worms.co.uk have saved many a trip too. You can also get Clamcleats which are extra strong adjustors (and luminous if you want) for your guy lines from www.cleats.co.uk

A Suitcase stove can be had for this money, quicker and safer than the wobbly little canister stoves but much bulkier to transport, so you wont be backpacking with it. Some people prefer to stick to the big brands (we do) but they might not come in at a tenner

You could get a few really good tent pegs to replace those rubbish wire pegs that come with most tents. If you got a second hand tent you probably have a carrier bag fully of rusty and bent wire bits that arent really what you want if you encounter an unexpected gale on your next trip. Get some decent rock pegs (like #Groundhogs) or V pegs now, before you need them.

A couple of picnic blankets will probably fit nicely in the porch (or sleeping pod) and make it a nicer place to be. A couple of reasonable quality ones will almost feel like a proper fitted carpet which would probably cost way more (assuming one is available for your tent anyhow)

A footprint tarp is a useful thing to have (though we still dont always use them in our house), either a cheap groundsheet or plastic sheet from Wickes, cut to size (slightly than the tent so water doesnt get underneath so easily in bad weather) will keep the tent inner and most everything else nice and clean. Give you a good clean place to pack away at the end of the camp trip

Some nice crockery can be had for a tenner and there is something quite satisfying about having your own dinner service for the tent, Polycarbonate glasses can be a little pricey but are tough and nice to use

Used kit

not sure, open to some suggestions, stuff like retro chairs old lanterns/stoves and all manner of bits and pieces can crop up at this price

A really classy used Gas Stove kettle might crop up in the local antiques place for a little over a tenner. If you lean towards glamping then all manner of rugs, candle holders and the like might be found to glamp up your tent

A decent table might crop up, and they are eminently useful things which could cost maybe £40 to £60 new. Often people bundle this stuff with all their gear when they give up camping, so if you see a job lot and like the look of the table, why not offer a tenner for it ?


Unlikely unless very small, old, tatty or obscure. Charity shops and friends desperate to get rid of some junk in the attic would be the hunting ground rather than Ebay. Plenty of stories abound of old Frame tents changing hands for a tenner so ask around and see what comes out of the woodwork

You might just drop on a classic stripey wind break, deck chair or directors/folding chair for this money but you would do well to get one without damage

Other stuff

How about putting together an emergency tent kit to keep with you, many items you might have lying around but Tenacious Tape (c£5) would be a useful addition along with a whole bunch of stuff you might want to consider from the First Aid for tents article

A tenner wont buy much of a trip anywhere but it would (just) buy a pile of fish and chips on arrival. So instead of heading to the pub once the tent is up on the first night, why find out where the best local chippy is and indulge. Best get all the wrappers straight to the bins afterwards though unless you like a fishy tent

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