What can I get for £100?

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A Coleman Northstar lantern is a classic but a lot of money, just for a camping light. Some people dont think the new ones are as well made as the older ones either

We love tarps for their adaptability and amazing all round usefulness. Obelink do a cheapy but if you want some class then www.greenoutdoor.co.uk do a beautiful 5m Holly Leaf shape in Hemp Canvas, under a £100 but you will probably need some poles for it unless you have that in your kit bag already

Used kit

Not sure what would cost you £100 and be a sensible buy. Most used kit would be cheaper than this unless you are getting a job lot from someone giving up camping. These can be a good buy, you pick out the stuff you actually want, break up the other items and sell them on individually - a few people find they can make a profit and get the bits they want


New Canvas can be had for £100 but it is likely to be pretty small or polycotton, the obvious placed to look is Obelink though the Eu20 postage eats into what you can get for this much money

Used Canvas choices at £100 include some of the bigger and better family Frame Tents Like Relum Super 7K or Sunncamps and Lichfields . You could get a Cabanon but it will depend on the condition, location, model and how well advertised it is. At this price you can still expect it to be complete and in pretty good condition. It will help to be familiar with the model you are looking at to make sure it has stuff like all the inner tents, roof linings and curtains etc it should have - Ebay sellers can sometimes forget to mention missing bits . . .

The dinky (and oh so cute) mini Frame Tents like Cabanon Calais and Vis-a-vis like Pacific can be found for this money if you get lucky - but paradoxically they often seem to sell for more than the big frame tents. Ideal for the couple who want a bit of comfort at the weekend though

If you were very lucky you could find a Vango Force Ten (but make sure it is the size you need and in good condition). Other collectible vintage style tents like Blacks of Greenock Good Companions might crop up for this money

If you already have a good quality Frame tent then things like Sun canopies and Bedroom extensions can be found for this or maybe less money. Cabanon A series extensions are very sought after and often sell for this much, which is approaching the cost of the whole frame tent it will be attached too

Something else

How about a Trailer Tent that has got a rotting Canvas ? Seems unpromising but if you have some decent DIY skills you can convert this into a very useful camping trailer for all your kit. Buying this way can be cheaper than buying a 'normal' trailer as a lot of buyers dont want the hassle of stripping the frame and Canvas off what might be a very sound and usable trailer base, maybe even a serviceable kitchen unit

If you wanted an adventure how about a trip to Shell Island, £100 would get you a few nights there - it's camping in a style almost impossible anywhere else in this country. Pick a quieter time if you can though, hunt around before picking your pitch and dont be put off by the reception area

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