Straight Poles

To some people there is something fundamentally "right" about a tent constructed from straight poles and Canvas sheets assembled into a simple elegant structure. Modern tents are all bendy poles, plastic fabrics and curves designed on a computer - almost the opposite really

There is also something truly memorable about the smell of Canvas that will stick with you. It is a welcoming smell that lets you know you are going to be warm and safe on your trip

Most early tents had straight uprights, straight A frames and straight ridges and that was how tents were designed

The poles could have been wooden or steel (or maybe just aluminium in some models) and that limited what the designers could do but there is something "right" about a tent constructed from straight poles and flat Canvas sheets assembled into a simple elegant structure

Tents with bendy poles, bring with them hoops and curves, were simply not possible until Fibreglass became cheap enough and reliable enough in the late 1970's, even then it took a while to spread through the market. Today you can visit a dozen camp shops and not see a single tent constructed with straight poles

A single straight upright can allow you to construct a Bell tent and some tipi designs. There is a simplicity and elegance in that. One down side is the doors let the weather in but you can add a door frame (again from some straight poles) and now you are heading towards Dutch Pyramid type designs. Very simple, very practical. Take things little further and have two structural uprights and you have yourself a Ridge tent, the main stay of Scouts the world over

more to say here I think . . .

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