Bell Tent

A perennial favourite, somewhat more practical than a Tipi, almost as weather resistant as a Dutch Pyramid. Nearly always white or off white as they were designed for hot weather use and the market tends to be "traditional campers" (whatever that might mean)

The design consists of a single main pole and usually an A frame or similar to form the doorway. The footprint is circular and modern versions typically come in 3m, 4m and 5m diameter. A small wall helps create lots of usable floorspace, which is one main advanatage of this design over the Tipi

A very simple design, even more so than the Dutch Pyramid, they shed wind well from any direction but are less easy to organise inside due to the curving walls

Historically they were widely used by the Military as far back as about the 1750's when Mr.Sibley modified a simple conical tent structure to use a single main pole with small side walls

Many users like to use them without inners to make best use of the space, in warm UK weather this works brilliantly especially if you have some zip vents in the walls (or even roll the walls up, not possible in SIG tent though). They make a good start for a glamping experience if you kit out with some rugs/throws/candles

Some people also like to go to brown polypropylene guyline and wooden pegs, even a wooden main pole to make for a softer, more organic camping experience

If need some reviews and links to the main manufacturers/suppliers, there are plenty of sources the links page

Good points

Pretty easy to put up, with only a single main pole and door frame

Create a nice space inside, if you are into the "feel" of the tent theses have it

Shed weather very well, wind goes round them and they are pretty robust in all but the worse conditions

Designed for hot weather, the white Canvas and (usually) venting mean they are a dream to use in hot weather

Possible concerns

The whole hippy vibe might put you off, and people will want to look and point especially if you have a big 5m one (which you might like)

A circular floorplan makes sleeping and organising most things slightly awkward

White Canvas isn't any harder to keep clean than other colours but it always seem to attract dirt

Toward the budget end of the market prices tend to be higher in the UK than on the continent as this is a niche product here