Ridge Tent

A very simple design typically consisting of two uprights (of which one or more might be an 'A' frame) and a ridge to join them together

The Vikings are known to have used this design of tent and Wedge tents (as they were commonly called were widespread across Europe from at least 1200), though typically they would be enter through what we would think of as the side of the tent

The icon of modern ridge tents is the Vango Force 10

Generally pretty weather resistant they shed wind and rain well but the lack of side walls tend to make the interior usable space smaller than it might be - that was one reason hoop tents replaced this style of tent so readily

There is a modifed Ridge Tent style where the tent does have side walls, these are sometimes called Patrol Tents. Here is a typical example, a beautiful Blacks of Greenock Icelandic

A modified version of the Ridge is the Extended Ridge, this can be an extension of similar profile to the tent (like Cabanon Isabelle et al) or can be enlarged by two uprights to make a more practical usable area (like Lichfield Challenger et al)