Tipis and Teepees

A very old design much loved by many

Traditional styles

North American variants had many poles. You can find a lot of interesting info on www.tipi.com, they also provided the detailed instruction leaflet attached below

Two books worth seeking are "Tipis, Tipees, Teepees" by Holley and "The Indian Tipi" by Laubin. Both include instructions on construction and are on Amazon UK

Scandinavian/European variants had single centre pole and are sometimes called Lavvu tents (though, confusingly, not all Lavvu have a single centre pole)

Modern tipis
Obelink Tipi is an excellent modern version of the classic single pole Tipi, really good value for money too. Helsport do nice affordable ones but, alas, they arent Canvas

A little more upmarket is www.greenoutdoor.co.uk Canvas tipi

Tentipi and their Safir model is towards the top of the quality chain for modern Tipis.

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