Tunnel Tent

The tunnel tent design is widely used for modern plastic tents and the shape brings some advantages over other designs. Pretty much every modern brand of tent makes a tunnel tent of some description

It is also a design that is available with Canvas and Steel/Aluminium frame in models like the Cabanon Biscaya and Cabanon Chamonix. Similar aluminium frame polyester fabric tents like the Cabanon Cancun and Cabanon Laguna are also nice robust examples (though, alas, not Canvas)


Lots of useable floor space as the end walls are often vertical and the side walls near the ground are also vertical, this creates a nice feeling of space

Relatively easy to put up once you know what you are doing


In some models the "hoops" are not joined together lengthwise, which results in limited rigidity in the structure

If the hoops are flexible (eg fibreglass) then the structure also lacks lateral rigidity. Vango try to address this with their TBS system that add internal rigidity to the hoop with a tension tape

A minor disadvantage, the nature of the curved walls dont lend themselves to a "kitchen extension" so placing the camp kitchen is usually restricted to the vertical end walls