The hidden dangers of Bubble Mixture

Now normally we are a pretty friendly, neighbourly lot when camping, but if there is one thing that will elicit a swift response - is when parents let their kids play with bubble mixture on a campsite

One of the most damaging things you can do to a tent is get detergent on it (Bubble mixture is a solution of detergent and glycerine). The water resistance will be gone forever and there probably isnt much you can ever do to fix that. Bubble mixture on Canvas can render the tent useless even if you get the hose on it the detergent will have soaked into the fibres. Bubble mixture on most plastic tents will probably have the same effect but if you are quick to rinse then you might just get away with it as the fibres are less absorbent

If you find you have bought a second hand tent with some strange little marks and bits that are not water proof then there is a fair chance it has been visited by some Bubble Mixture in its life. Yet frequently we find camp site shops sell bubble mixture (and some don't like it when we ask them not to) but who can blame the kids for wanting to play with it

So please, dont use Bubble mixture around tents unless your intent is one of sabotage

image by Ali Smiles :)

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