Choosing and using Canvas

This website is dedicated to the joy that comes from camping and in particular the joy that come from camping under real Canvas. It is also, hopefully a useful resource for anyone with an interest in enjoying their camping, whatever your choice of tent

If you havent camped under Canvas, you might want to have a look at the article "Why choose Canvas?"

If you have decided you might like to start with a pre loved Canvas tent then have a look at "Where to buy Canvas and kit"

If you have a healthy camping budget and want to look for a new Canvas tent then manufacturers like Hypercamp (affordable), Cabanon and Esvo (getting pricey) and De Waard (how much!) are places to start looking

If you do go loking for used Canvas then our Used tent buyers Checkist could be very handy

Once you have a new toy you will want a look at  Taking care of your Canvas

If things arent so good and you need to sort something then have a look at How to fix your Canvas tent

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