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Due to the growing number of tents, the definitive list is now organised on the Manufacturer page. You can also see all the makes by using the "Manufacturer" menu above

What is listed on this page are tents by tent design (but sometimes it takes a while for new items to appear here). We regularly contact sellers to ask for pics, info and reviews. We are also very grateful to get stuff sent through from owners which we can share on this website for others, if you want to offer anything then please do get in touch

You can also visit the Joy of Canvas Flickr page and view/upload Classic Tent photos

Frametents (in approx size order)

Cabanon Calvi/ Etna 2 berth 'C' series dinkiness gone slightly bonkers
Cabanon Etna / Calais / Atlantic 3 berth 'C' series, dinky and easy to erect
Sunncamp Villa 3
Cabanon Champagne 4 berth 'C' series, a great combination of dinky and spacious
Sunncamp Bungalow 4 Berth, similar to Cabanon 'C' series
Cabanon Andorra
Sunncamp Gites 4
Relum Canaria 4 easily found, good build quality and funky colours. Nice
Cabanon Chambord 5 berth 'C' series, getting pretty large for this style of tent, good space
Cabanon Antigua 5 Berth, nice manageable sized 'A' series with 2 bedrooms [Review]
Cabanon Estoril/Eloise
Relum Canaria 5/6
Cabanon Montpellier another fabulous 6 berth family tent
Cabanon Aruba one of Cabanons more recent Frametents
Cabanon Rotonde spacious with a curious bay front look
Lichfield Vermont solid, reliable and often colourful too
Relum Super 7 equal to the older Cabanons and often cheaper too
Royal Framtent, pretty unusual on the used market, need info please
Sunncamp Grange, top of the range Sunncamp
Cabanon Bella Vista if you need bigger then ring Mr Chipperfields

Vis-a-vis Frametents (alphabetical order)

Cabanon Pacific very nice tent, can be 2 berth or a 4 berth vis-a-vis
Cabanon Vis-s-vis Luxe more space than a normal vis-a-vis and maybe a little less common [Review]
Relum Paradiso a vis-a-vis with some retro style as only Relum can do

Ridge Tents (alphabetical order)

BCT Task Force equal of a Force Ten and more adaptable (and still British)
Cabanon Isabelle cute but curious model in the Cabanon range [Review]
Lichfield Paladin (and Challenger) very practical extended porch ridge tent
Marechal made some ridge tents, which were Canvas is still unclear
Raclet certainly made Canvas ridge tents but we dont have model info yet
Relum Tropic was an extended porch ridge tent
Vango Force Ten the iconic mountain ridge tent

Pyramid Tents (alphabetical order)

Cabanon Pyramide 4 a beautifully made little pyramid
Cabanon Pyramide 6 a beautifully made big pyramid
Cabanon Pyramide 6000 an older model and a little bit of a curiosity
De Waard Albatros the pinnacle of Dutch pyramid tents
Esvo Hazelnoot / Walnoot Simple, tradition, functional. Lovely
Hypercamp Djakarta cute and tiny pyramid, alas discontinued in 2010
Hypercamp Eldorado a budget Pyramide 4 you can buy new [Review]
Hypercamp Rosas 4 a budget Guadaloupe you can buy new [Review]
Raclet Cheyenne, unusual and rare, comes with side windows
Relum Izmir a classic. The equal of a Cabanon Pyramide, come in 2 sizes

Vintage or unusual Tents (alphabetical order)

Blacks of Greenock Good Companions around from the 1930s to 1970s, amazing 'A' frame tardis  of a tent
Blacks of Greenock Safari not sure of the model years but a Blacks of Greenock Frame Tent
Blacks of Greenock Itasca

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