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A cracking Hago set up

If you havent seen one before Hago were the definitive camp kitchen and still out perform a lot of modern kit. Modular, adaptable, strong and very handsome. This set-up includes extra extension pieces and the kitchen sink shelf. All in Hago trademark orange/red

Tasteful Raclet Frametent

Raclet make really good quality Canvas and this nice little Frametent is typical of their products. It has aged gracefully (but the curtains ar not to our taste). One slightly awkward fix needed to the inner tent but perfectly usable without

A Relum Canvas dome - really!?

Now Relum made some really good solid tents but have to admit to never having been in one of their domeys, so not sure how they compare. Here we have a nice little Relum dome tent that looks to be in proper canvas, and nice colours too

Another unused Frametent . . .

Seen a few like this in the last few weeks - brand new Canvas tents that are apparently unused (and I guess there is a story for why behind each one). Here we have a nice spacious Sunncamp Maison 6 that would make a cracking family tent, even the colours are nice

A big window Lichfield Challenger

Here is a design that has fallen out of favour these days. The Lichfield Challenger XL gives you plenty of sleeping space with a decent usable porch to watch the rain from. The design gives almost the storm resistance of a Pyramid with a more spacious feel to the bedroom

Classy Cabanon Rotonde in chocolate and cream

Really struggling to find interesting stuff on sale as the school holidays approach, but there is this. The Rotonde is one of Cabanons more interesting designs, and in this colour scheme a most handsome fellow

Apparently unused Cabanon Champagne

Its always amazes us how you can buy a lovely tent, like this lovely 'C' series Cabanon Champagne and then not use it. But that does mean we get the chance to buy fantastic Canvas at cheap plastic dome tent prices. Nice

An extended porch Raclet - lovely

Now Raclet are famous for great quality Canvas Frametents and Trailer Tents but a dinky Raclet 3 berth extended ridge is unusual. Looks to be a beauty. Why are all the interesting tents so far away?

Chocolate and Cream Edith?

This colour scheme and clean lines on this lovely Cabanon Edith is almost contemporary, a real thing of simple Canvas beauty. No idea where the seller is but I might have to look it up just in case it is close by

8 Berth Cabanon Biscaya bargain

The big Biscaya may be Polyester and have curvy poles (so purists like us might not be tempted) but it sure is a lot of tent for the money

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