This is where you will find information about manufacturers who have made, or still make, really nice Canvas tents and camping kit. Currently there are over 50 tents listed by manufacturer, with more added all the time - if your favourite is missing please send us some info

You can have a look in reviews for more info on some of the things in here. The kit manufacturers section is still developing so if you have any info you want to share please do get in touch. To see more makes scroll down or simply hover over the "Manufacturers" menu above

Some of the manufacturers pages may also have Brochures, Catalogues or Instructions added. We do not intend to breach copyright by putting catalogues up here without permission, so mostly what is published on here is with permission or already public domain, if you think we have put up a file that we shouldnt have let us know and we will fix it. There is no intent to mislead, falsify copyright or upset anyone

Tent Manufacturers:

Atomatent, stunning Dutch Canvas, fantastic quality, eye watering prices

BaseCamp, sensible Dutch tent maker who re-introduced some 'Classic' ridge tents to their range in 2010/11

BCT Outdoors, classic designs, still made in the UK today

Blacks of Greenock, a classic brand, from the 1930s to the present day

Bukta, niche UK tent maker from the 60s and 70s

 Cabanon, the iconic French Tent maker

Cobmaster, another UK niche tent maker from the 60s and 70s

De Waard, the iconic Dutch tent maker, fantastic quality and prices

De Wit


Elite, related to Sunncamp made tents from c1999

Esvo, a great Dutch tent maker still making tents in Holland today

  Hypercamp, excellent value new Canvas tents (available in UK from Holland)

  Karsten, the definitive inflatable tent



  Marechal, another great French Canvas tent maker, still making Canvas tents

Raclet, Top class French tent maker


Relum, a classic quality brand



Stuart Lloyd, uniquely British tent maker with some great designs

Sunncamp, a great British tent maker (who has supplied plenty of model information for us)

Trigano, another classic French brand

Vango, the iconic tent maker from Scotland

 Kit Manufacturers:

Hago, classic camp kitchens and kit

Stesco, some interesting accessories for the retro camper

Tilley, an Icon still producing great lamps and stoves today


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