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Bradford Cover and Tent (BCT) have been going for over a 100 years and still have a lovely range of traditional tents, primarily aimed at groups like the Scouts. They seem to be part of TBG group (or Beal Group its not quite clear). They also seem to have some connection with Relum in more recent years (there is a BCT relum website but it is unclear what that means)

They dont seem to publish an electronic Catalogue that can be shared here, so the best place to see their kit is on the website www.bctoutdoors.com

The Task Force is a classic ridge tent, available in basic or extended proch variants and three sizes (see pic below), a great alternative to a Vango Force Ten that has the advantages of gentle colours (no bright orange countryside colour pollution here), ridge extention options AND British Made

They also do a cute extended porch ridge with windows like a modern day Lichfield Paladin, theirs is called an Alaska and comes in two sizes

If it is a British made Bell Tent you are after then they do two models, a basic model they call the Sahara and a heavy duty Traditional Bell tent. Both use heavy duty 395gm Cotton Canvas

Most of the rest of their range is traditional scout tents and mess tents, so if you feel like going very traditional they might appeal

One thing we love about BCT (other than their being traditional British made Canvas) is the accessories range which include traditional wooden tent pegs and components, wooden benches and tables and the like

The other thing that must be worth a look at is the BCT Glamping website, it went live in the summer of 2011 and offers some interesting ideas

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