Cabanon Antigua

Whichever tent in the Cabanon A series of Frame tents you choose there will be compromises. Not so much in the quality of materials and construction as they are all well put together but in space and layout versus weight and bulk to transport. The Athena and Aruba (with their 8 leg frames) are plenty spacious but hefty tents to move around. The Andorra is essentially an Antigua (both 6 leg frames) with less sleeping space but more living space achived by putting the kitchen towards the back. For a couple the Andorra might have the edge for a small Family the Antigua might

The Antigua is a cracking mid sized fame tent with half the interior space devoted to sleeping and half to living space (image to the right is one of the last models from 2009). It is considered by Cabanon to be a 5 berth and is a comfortable size for a family with one or two young children. If you need 6 berths or more living space then the 8 legged Frame tents Athena and Aruba can offer that, at the expense of more weight and bulkier bags

Overall dimenions for the Antigua are 3.8m wide and 4.3m deep with 2 sleeping pods (which don't have to be clipped in so can be used or left out depending on your needs). The larger pod is 2.1m wide x 2.1m, the smaller 1.4m wide x 2.1m

The roof isnt Cotton Canvas but coated Polyester, the walls are Canvas while the mudskirt is heavy duty PVC, the same as the inner tent groundsheet. All lining/curtain fabrics are midweight polycotton

The all up weight for the tent is 44kg and it comes in two packs a 1.05m x 0.35m diam pole bag and a 1.1m x 0.3m diameter Canvas and inners bag - so you will need to have a decent sized boot to fit it into

Kitchen extension helps (which tents like the Estoril/Eloise etc lack) keep the living space clear of some of the clutter. If you are looking at a used one make sure it has a full roof lining and curtains. Though there is no living space ground sheet let alone a SIG/ZIG that you might see in a modern tent

In the Cabanon range for many years and pretty popular during that time too, so relatively common on the used market you should have plenty to choose from

Popular accessories are the sun canopy and the zip in side extension - this can either be a utility (toilet or wardrobe) or a proper extra bedroom. The accessories often cost close to the cost of a whole Antigua on the used market (they fit all the A series with LHS zipped paned). If you do look to buy one as an accessoriy be aware there were at least three Canvas colour schemes - early ones were beige and green with dark green roof, then they went to (a soft) orange and green with dark green roof and finally to the scheme at the top of this page with the light coloured roof. There were also several variants of curtain/interior fabrics - have a look around the Cabanon Owners Club catalogues to see how it has changed

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