Cabanon Isabelle

We believe this is ridge tent that dates from the 1980s into the 1990s, it is relatively uncommon in the UK but does occasionally crop up on Ebay. Relum made a similar design that was probably a little cheaper on the UK market but it doesnt tend to come in the nice sage green of the Cabanon. In 2010 Cabanon introduced a similar model their range in the form of the Yamaska

Not sure of model years, the one in this brochure picture clearly shows the Stripey Cabanon logo from the 1990s (and side awning code might suggest a 1988 model year), wheras the model in the review has the earlier all red Cabanon Logo. Usually available in a soft sage green though an orange one did appear on Ebay in 2012.


Made from good Canvas and PVC ground sheet materials, it uses a heavy 19mm steel frame A frame at the front single upright at the rear. Since the Bell and Extension can be zipped to the tent it can be configured in a number of different ways. Only downsides are flimsy woven PE mud skirts and a rear rain cap that is 7mm i.d. and a standard one wont fit as the norm is 6mm

Billed as a 4 Berth the sleeping pod (and slopey walls of the Ridge design) really make it only workable for three. The sleeping pod is approx 2.1m x 2.2m with a good area of bell also, which is great for storage. The canvas is thick and there are no windows, so sleeping in in the morning is easy but you might find spending all day inside in the rain is a bit gloomy

In terms of viable alternatives in used Canvas, Relum did something similar (again, not that common but probably slightly cheaper) or you have the Vango Force Ten Mark 5 but that would probably be well over £100. Lichfield and a few others also did extended porch ridge tents which some people find more practical, the Lichfield Paladin / Challenger is a nice example of this style

If you must have a Cabanon then there really isnt much used that is like this as the Isabelle was a bit of an oddity in their range. Your only alternative would be to look to the new 2011 Cabanon range where the Montana ridge tent and Yamaska extended ridge tent (both with wooden poles) would be close to the Isabelle but maybe pricey

Other new Canvas similar in style to would be a Vango Force Ten (only in Orange) or BCT Taskforce (which is available in extended ridge format), both significantly more expensive than a used Isabelle, but more robust too

In terms of the ridge tent design the Dutch Pyramid tents offer better use of space so might be another option for you, again there is a range of choice on the used and new Canvas market

All in all it is a simple classic you will either want to own or not see the point

We have one user review by Adrian

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