Cabanon Pyramide 6000

Details on this one are hard to come by, our understanding is that it is close to a Pyramide 6, which is a single pole Dutch Pyramid design - but that the 6000 has two main upright poles

The advantage of the extra pole is more interior space but at the expense of more difficult pitching and higher weight. Given the main attraction for many is the simplicity of single pole Dutch Pyramid tents the audience for the twin pole model was always smaller - consequently quite rare on used market in the UK

A close approximation in design to a modern tent would be the smaller De Waard Kemphaan (see De Waard website) or the Hypercamp Superior 6


We were also sent some instructions for the Pyramide 6000 that seem to imply there was a Cabanon Pyramide 4000 as well, but it isnt a tent we have seen in a catalogue or on a campsite


any owner pics, specification etc or review most welcome

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