De Waard Albatros

An absolute icon of a tent and a thing of real beauty (though they do say beauty is in the eye of the beholder)

To buy one new you will need to be pretty well heeled or determined to have the absolute pinnacle of Pyramid tents

If you though Cabanon built good tents you have not seen a De Waard

In basic form they only come with the Canvas and most Dutch use them without inner tents. If you really want a set of inner tents they are c Eu600 new, but then the tent itself is approx Eu2000. Most people buy it with a variouluffel as well and that is when it takes on it most amazing character (need to get a pic)

If you are after a used one then the best place to look is the Dutch auction site Most Dutch speak good English and you will have a fair few to choose from at any one time. Prices vary a lot depending on condition and accessories - most notably the Varioluffle will add a lot to the price as most people dont see the point of an Albatros without one - the picture here shows the basic tent. Most won't have an inner tent though, if that is important to you. You may also struggle to get delivery to the UK because of the weight but you could try Shiply, so plan on a camping trip to Holland - a great place to camp it is too

De Waard class it as a 4 Berth but you get an internal dimension of 4.0m x 4.0m, so this is generous Dutch berths. Approximate weights are 33kg for the Canvas, 11.5kg for the poles and 7kg for the inner

The pitching instructions make wonderful reading as it is explained really quite precisely how to peg out the tent and how to roll it up and put it away


need to add more info here to, any user pics or reviews very gratefully recieved

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