Esvo Hazelnoot / Walnoot

These are the larger models of Pyramid tent from Esvo, beautifully made in Holland the only obvious difference between these two models is the size (even Esvo use the same photo flipped for the catalogue pictures) and slight price difference

Constructed from top quality 300gm Ten Cate Cotton Canvas, heavy sewn in PVC coated Polyester groundsheet and with excellent construction these are very nice traditional tents. Both models can be purchased with matching accessory side screens and/or sun canopy to extend the outdoor living space

The Walnoot (top pic) is 3.9m wide (in the sleeping area) and a close approximation to a Cabanon Pyramide 6 for size or Cabanon Barbados for size and specification

The Hazelnoot (lower pic) is 3.1m wide (in the sleeping area) and marginally larger than a Cabanon Pyramide 4 for size and Cabanon Guadaloupe for specification

Both are beautifully put together and retail for quite similar prices, which makes the Walnoot (typically Eu 900 or so in 2011) really quite good value for the money compared to, for instance the Cabanon Barbados (c£900 to£1000 in 2011) which is a similar specfication and cost

The Hazelnoot is closer in size to the rather cheaper Cabanon Guadaloupe (c£600 in 2011) and does look a little expensive in comparison at over Eu800


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