Hypercamp Djakarta

Something of a modern classic this is a 3 berth Dutch Pyramid design similar to the Hypercamp Eldorado - only this one is smaller and even more cute . It used to be available new from Obelink in Holland up until 2010 but seemed to be dropped from the 2011 catalogue (when Obelink did a range refresh of their Pyramid tents), which is a shame

They are nicely put together and very easy to erect. The Cabanon Noumea is sort of similar (it is only a 2 berth) but offers less space for rather more money, but the Cabanon does have a Sewn in Groundsheet (SIG)

Not much of similar size on the used market, Ii you want a little Pyramid then a used Relum Izmir etc will be slightly bigger. Overall dimensions were 2.6m wide and 3.5m deep with a sleeping pod of 2.4m wide x 2.0m deep (and slightly cut off corners)

If you want to buy new then Esvo in Holland do some small pyramids for reasonably sensible prices (and they will deliver free to UK) and maybe Vrijbuiter also in Holland (who dont deliver to UK, but if tyou happen to be passing . . .)

need some more pics and a review etc please

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