Niche Manufacturers

This page is intended to list some of the Canvas tent brands that do not readily fit into what might be called the "mass market". The intent is to primarily include manufacturers but in this globalised world some brands are made overseas

Albion make some fantastic Canvas and Alan really seems to know his stuff - Period tents, Tipis and Bells a plenty but also unusual stuff like a modern Baker Tent and Canvas Geodesic domes. We like an old fashioned take on camping here at Joy of the Canvas and Alan takes it up a couple of notchs with wood burning stove, proper Tilley lamps and some Jazz 78s on the gramophone - pure class

Now Oz Tent do make amazing products and fill a niche for outback/ 4x4 tents but they dont use 100% Cotton Canvas, but they are in the niche section we maybe we can let them off that. If you need what these tents can do the it is probably just a matter of deciding what size quits best.

Canvas and Cast is one of the Bell Tent brands

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