Raclet is a huge French tent maker reknown for their top quality trailer tents. A reputation for using decent quality Canvas, including Tencate on their top models, their frame are usually Epoxy coated steel but again their top models use lightweight Aluminium frames

Frame Tents
Raclet Baladin 4, a nice simple 4 berth with kitchen extension
Raclet Baladin 5, quite a bit more spacious than the 4, has sun canopy and 2 door also
Raclet Capri 5, one of the more popular Raclet models, 5 berth with 2 innner tents
Raclet Ritz 5, identical spec to the Capri but in different colours for a higher price
Raclet Eden 6, Raclets take on a Cabanon Chambord, 6 berth with easy erection and good space
Raclet Equinox, available as a 4 berth and 6 berth these are traditional frametent designs with kitchen extension and big windows
Raclet Athenee, a mid to large sized 6 berth Frametent with kitchen extension
Raclet Hilton, Raclets answer to the Cabanon Rotonde with a lovely bright living space
Raclet Jamaic 5, a very interesting and classy tent, unusual layout with TenCate Canvas and Aluminium frame
Raclet Prestige 6, classic 6 Berth Chalet style Frametent with kitchen extension and sun canopy
Raclet Capricorn, large 6 berth Frametent with kitchen and wardrobe/toilet extension all enclosed with curtains. Alloy frame and high price tag too
Raclet Palace, 8 berth in a not too huge footprint. Top quality Alloy frame and Tencate Canvas
Ridge Tents
Raclet certainly made some ridge and extended porch ridge tents but we dont have model info yet
Pyramid Tents
Raclet Cheyenne, a 4 berth Pyramid like the Cabanon Pyramide 4 and Relum Izmir with the added feature of side windows
Other models
Raclet Quick Tent, a novel external frame mini frame tent
These are known to exist, but we dont have sizes or anything substantial

Raclet Equador 6 Berth 8 Leg Chalet style Frametent with Kitchen Extension. Overall approx 6m x 4.3m. 2 Sleeping pods in 4 + 2 configuration
Raclet Belize 6 Berth Hexagonal Frametent (a bit like Cabanon Rotunde)
Raclet Pampas 5 Berth Chalet Frametent
Raclet Forestiere 2 Berth Chalet Frametent
Raclet Tivoli, 4 Berth Frametent
Please, contribute anything you have to share, pictures, catalogues, specs etc . . .
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