Stuart Lloyd

A lovely tent maker from Dudley in the West Midlands, did well in the 1970's but closed in the early 1980s as much of the UK camping industry declined with the arrival of cheap package holidays to Spain

Did a range of well made Frame Tents with Aluminium Frames named after Royal Palaces (as well as a Utility and Ridge tent I believe) It was also possible to order bespoke designs or colours

One of the innovations they used were proper kitchen extensions, which were rather safer than the less sophisitcated designs some other manufacturers used. Another innovation was the 9 leg frame, with central supports as well as the more common wall supports - this made for a remarkable robust frame structure

Really interested to know more about these tents and get some user views, we did get in touch with Stuart but never got a reply - almost nothing on ebay or elsewhere . . .

Tiny bit more info here

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