Sunncamp Bungalow

A Sunncamp equivalent of the Cabanon C series Calais/Champagne, the style is somehow very different without the flat roofline of the Cabanon. And the colours somehow more pleasing (to these eyes at least)

Many thanks to Darren for the pics and info about his tent, it isnt a tent that turns up very often on the used market

From the 2000 Catalogue this would make a nice 4 berth with the the two seperate inners. The smaller of the two inners is quite snug for two adults at 1.2m (1.4m plus is better if you want bags in the tent). Approximately 3.2m wide and 4.2m long this would be between the Cabanon Champagne and Chambord for size

As was typical of later Sunncamp Frame tents the roof is PVC coated rather than plain Canvas (generally a good thing). The inner should come with roof lining and curtains if it is complete. As you can see from the pictures the fabrics are funky

The front wall is almost fully zipped so could be rolled away in warm weather. All up weight for both bags (Poles in one, Canvas and inners in the other) is 27kg

As ever, we would love to have an owner view/review of the tent and any more infornation  that is available

Sunncamp 2000 Cataloge entry:
Sunncamp Bungalow 2000Cat 1 1024px
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