Sunncamp Palace

An owners view from Snowy -

The Palace seems to be a step down from the Grange, nearly as big, with three seperate double sleeping pods, a kitchen extension and large living area. I think it replaced the Manoir which replaced the Chateau as they all have the same size and layout. Colourway is almost identical to the Manoir but the Palace is dark green where the manoir is light green.

The first thing I noticed with the Sunncamp Palace was that although the canvas is thick, the threads are not that thin or tightly woven in the cloth - it seems a bit coarse. Not that that made any difference, the roof of the tent was thicker than the sides and the whole stood up well to a rain lashing on the Isle of Wight.

It did have some weak points: the curtains are held against the windows by cotton tapes and the ends of these are sewn into the seams of the windows. But on the side panel that can be unzipped and rolled up, they are sewn into the same seams as the zips and protrude to the outside of the tent. I found that these protruding points absorbed water which wicked through into the tent, soaking anything in contact with them. The curtains and roof liners are nice and colourful and create a nice cosy tent. Curtain hooks are even worse than the Cabanon ones though - a real pain to attach to the sliders.

Guyropes were stretchy and seemed very poor quality. Groundsheets are, woven thin and not like the heavy duty Cabanon/Relum ones.

The kitchen window flap is coloured cloth rather than translucent so when closed makes the kitchen area very dark. It also doesn't have anything to hold the bottom edge down (I think the Cabanon had an elastic around a toggle like the Conway trailer tent) so making it a bit draughty.

There is no ventilation - other tents have had small inserts of mesh under the roof apex, or openings at the back behind the bedroom pods, but the Sunncamp has nothing (except the draughty kitchen window)

I did notice that we got a lot of condensation on the windows, which leads me to think that it is not very breathable - I am not sure if that is because the tent was reproofed by previous owners or because of the way the coarser canvas is treated?

Despite these things, they are still lovely tents and unless you have had another canvas to campare it with, they are unlikely to be considered major problems! :D

Sunncamp Palace Snowy 1 800px