Classified section update

Here we have a lovely Blacks of Greenock Safari Emperor for sale by Terri. The build quality and fabrics of a classic Force Ten in Frametent form

Facebook / Google+ buttons

In an attempt to bring some aspects of the website into the 21st Century and make it easier for you to share the things you find useful, we have added buttons for: Facebook like, Facebook share and Google+. These can be found at the bottom of many pages

Raclet information pages updated

Today we have updated the Raclet Manufacturers info to add a chunk of their models from c1999/2000. About a dozen models have been added and we also hope to add some pictures soon

JoyofCanvas Flickr Group

Lots of people send us pictures of their tents, which is great and sometimes we do like to use them in the articles on this site. So it seemed only fitting to create a more flexible space where we can share lots more pictures of Classic Canvas and the joy that comes from camping - so we now have our own group on Flickr

Have a browse and feel free to add your own pics, comment on stuff already there or start a discussion. Enjoy

Lots of Sunncamp tent info going up

thanks to Neal at Sunnflair (who still make Sunncamp tents) we now have some great pictures and info on older Sunncamp Canvas tent ranges, from the classic Sunncamp Grange to the intriguing Sunncamp Lodge. It will take some time to put a good chunk of it up on the website but we have started on the popular/interesting models. More to follow in the Classic Tents Sunncamp section